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Paul Corfield Godfrey



Volante Opera Productions presents a complete commercial demo recording of "The Nightingale and the Rose" after the short story by Oscar Wilde. Also on the release will be to choral settings: "The Sphinx" - another setting of Oscar Wilde, and "Hymnus Mysticus" - a setting of Aleister Crowley.  



Volante Opera Productions is currently working on a complete commercial demo recording of the fifth and final part of Paul's "Epic Scenes from The Silmarillion after the mythology of J. R. R. Tolkien".  Composition on this final section was completed in 2020.  

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Volante Opera Productions is currently working on a collected edition of Paul's "Epic Scenes from The Silmarillion after the mythology of J. R. R. Tolkien".  This will contain all five parts of the cycle and a 128 page booklet containing the complete texts and a guide to the work.  

Silmarillion Front Cover.png


Volante Opera Productions is currently working on a complete commercial demo recording of Paul's adaptation of Noël Coward's improbable farce "Blithe Spirit".  We are aiming for it to be released in Autumn 2023 by Prima Facie Records.


09/10/2023 - RECORDINGS - Volante Opera Productions' Demo Recording of Blithe Spirit has been sent off for manufacture and will be released on 24/11/2023


08/10/2023 - RECORDINGS - A new music video of Crade Song has been added to Op. 76.

01/07/2023 - PURCHASE - All scores and CDs of The War of Wrath and The Complete Silmarillion now available for purchase.


7/06/2023 - PURCHASE - We are now able to take pre-orders for the 23rd June releases (The War of Wrath & The Complete Silmarillion).

07/06/2023 - RECORDINGS/VOCAL WORKS - A video of Dithyramb from Op.30 Two Pagan Choruses has been added.


22/04/2023 - VOCAL WORKS LIBRETTI - The complete text for Op. 78 De Profundis has been added.


21/04/2023 - VOCAL WORKS - Two new compositions have been completed and entries added to the site.  Op. 76 has another song added, Lisa Lân, and Op. 78 has been added.  This is De Profundis, a chamber piece for four solo voices, string quartet and harp after the letter by Oscar Wilde.


08/04/2023 - VARIOUS - A new music video has been added (Passacaglia: "On the Seashore of Endless Worlds") along with trailers for The Silmarillion  and The Nightingale and the Rose. Paul's review pages have been opened up but content is still being added - this will be a long process, there's a lot of them to upload!


21/02/2023 - STAGE WORKS - Composition has been completed on Saint Joan and entries has been added to the relevant pages with information.

21/02/2023 - VOCAL WORKS - A new setting of Cradle Song has been completed and added to Op. 76.

03/01/2023 - PURCHASE - Vocal and Full Scores for The Nightingale and the Rose are now available.  Also the collected edition score of Akallabeth is now available.


03/01/2023 - VOCAL WORKS - Searching for Lambs, a newly completed arrangement by Paul has been added to Op. 76.


10/12/2022 - HOME - Blithe Spirit has been added to the Upcoming Recordings box.


05/12/2022 - PURCHASE - The Nightingale and the Rose, The Sphinx & Hymnus Mysticus CD is now available direct from us.  Online retailers and digitl download release will follow in the coming weeks.


24/11/2022 - DISCORD - a Discord has been created for the Music of Paul Corfield Godfrey.  Paul and some of the cast of the recordings are on there and it will be updated regularly with information about Paul's work and the recordings in progress:

Join us on Discord:

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